Friday, September 11, 2020

How to Know the True Character of a Man in Dating?

One of the processes that lovers must go through when dating. This is also one of the most direct ways for two independent individuals to understand each other. If you can understand the true character of men during dating, congratulations, you may screen out some bad dates. Although many men try to show their good side in dating, we can also discover his true character in some details.

First of all, for the timing of the appointment, whether he can arrive at the appointed place on time. You have to know that the time of the first date is a very important sign. If he even ignores the importance of this, then it means that women are not that important to this man. In addition, this also shows that in this man's values, it is not important to him to keep the agreed time. For people who do not have a sense of time, it is difficult for him to succeed in his career and life. Coupled with emotional disrespect for women, this is an irresponsible attitude and behavior. More seriously, he may be an unreliable man, for life and family. Of course, correspondingly, women should arrive at the date of appointment on time when they first date. Because it represents my respect and courtesy. At the same time, you will have plenty of time to organize your clothes.

Facial expression is an easy way to convey the true inner thoughts. Of course, for someone who is mature or has a dating experience, he may hide his true thoughts. Therefore, you should pay attention to whether his smile is true or not, or it is just a tool for him to disguise or just a polite behavior on behalf of himself. Some people are good at hiding their true thoughts and feelings, especially when facing strangers. Obviously, this kind of person really exists in society, and they are afraid to reveal their true thoughts and feelings. False smiles and strictly controlled facial expressions are their ways to protect themselves. The apparent closeness is actually not important, the key is whether he can open his heart to communicate with you sincerely.

Money is also one of the distinguishing characteristics. This is not to say that wealthy people will have any privileges. It means that male attitudes are crucial when paying for dating restaurants. Many women have encountered men who say that they forgot to bring their wallets at the checkout, or pretend to talk about other topics. If he is not ready to pay for the date, it is not polite to send out invitations to women on the initiative. Of course, if he proposed AA, it would be sensible. Most men will propose this method of payment when they do not intend to continue the relationship. After all, if you both like each other, then after the man invites you to eat, you invite the man to eat next time. In this way, a beautiful relationship begins.

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